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August CSA - week 12

Another bountiful week and beautiful vegetables!  More corn (now officially coming out my ears).  So I froze 10 ears' worth, made 6 more ears' worth of corn relish and canned that, and we still have 5 ears for straight eating, though they look like they may turn into something cooked, as the kids seem to be a lot less enthusiastic about corn than they had been in July.  I did discover that I can bring some corn in the car as a snack when I  pick them up from school, as they are so hungry they relax a lot of their usual choosiness.

I then made ratatouille with the eggplant, tomatoes, onions, basil, and some red bell peppers (from Safeway! OK, shoot me but I am tired of driving around, and the real reason is I tried to go to the market to get red bell peppers yesterday with all three kids in tow, and made it as far as "Music with Madelyn" - when she started in on "I've been working on the railroad" I knew there was no way anyone was following me.  I did get some crackers from Rustica Baking a little later when the kids got hungry enough to wonder what there was at the market besides music...)

The long hot peppers I plan to make a green chile sauce with, which can be fun with quesadillas, or whatever New Mexico fare. The parsley and basil (supplemented with basil I grew) will turn into parsley pesto.  I also want to make cilantro, broccoli, and mint pesto, but I'll need more of everything for all that.  I did harvest some of my broccoli, very excitedly, as I grew Brazilian novelty "Piracicaba" broccoli, supposedly so sweet you can eat it off the plant.  Well, wrong.  It is actually very strong.  Probably delicious cooked, but I haven't tried that yet.

That leaves the cucumbers and some tomatoes and peppers, which sounds suspiciously like a lineup for gazpacho.  Given how I heated up the kitchen today cooking ratatouille for an hour, that will be a welcome relief!

I do plan to go to the market again Saturday.  First, Elizabeth from Rustica Baking is hinting at bringing some bread made with local flour (such as focaccia, which we could kill for...).  Also, last week's strawberries from Monroe farm were stupendous (though small, I admit),, and if I can find blackberries or raspberries, I'll be canning more jam.  I also highly recommend their watermelon, and would like some melon!  Finally, I'm ready to freeze a bunch of roasted eggplant, as there are highly credible rumors that Columbine Appliance finally received the back-ordered part they need to fix my oven.  If so, I'll also be stocking up on potatoes and perhaps more tomatoes to roast, and well, you know where to find me next week!

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