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July CSA - week 8

Sorry I had to skip week 7 as I was out of town.   I missed the fava beans which make awesome hummus!  But I was back in time more apricots and cherries, as well as the first tomatoes.

We had an interesting talk last night, an "introduction to the 100-mile diet", so named  because my diet is such a "work-in-progress".  One of the questions was whether my family accepts this sort of diet easily.  The answer is no, as readers of this blog already suspect.

So for reality check, in parentheses, I have included what I actually expect the kids to eat...

Meals for this week (kale, carrots, beans, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes are from Cure Farm CSA; onions, broccoli, eggplant and basil are from the market, Cure farmstand and Jay Hill farm):

- buffalo burgers and broccoli (the broccoli works for 2 kids out of 3)

- onion tart with kale (um, no... sounds like a macaroni and cheese night for the kids...)

- tomato salad, green beans with hard boiled eggs and skillet potatoes (they had eggs mostly, some tomatoes)

- roasted potatoes, carrots, eggplant (2 will eat this, 1 will have probably a peanut butter sandwich instead)

- pesto with pasta (I do have to omit the pesto for my 6 year old; but a few months ago I had to omit it for everyone, so this represents progress)

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